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Security Software

Believe it or not but your computer is under a constant attack by viruses, spyware, worms and other types of malware which can cause a serious damage to your computer or/and enable hackers and cyber criminals to access your personal information, passwords, etc. And the threats to your computer are getting more numerous and more sophisticated. To stay safe while browsing the web and prevent malware from causing damage to your computer or enabling cyber criminals to access sensitive information, be sure to take care of security.

Basic Security Tools

There are many kinds of security tools and measures to protect yourself from malware and cyber attacks. You probably don’t need everything but you should install at least the basic:

For Free Vs For Fee Security Software

Not all antivirus software is the same. Nor are anti-spyware programmes and firewalls. Some are more effective and some offer better protection against a larger number of cyber threats than the others. And in most cases, these are for fee rather than for free which are usually “equipped” only with the most basic features.

Word of Warning

Please keep in mind that malware is being developed on a virtually daily basis and that even the most sophisticated security tools don’t provide 100% protection. Be sure to update your tools on a regular basis and use the Internet and email wisely.